Amendment of Code of Civil Procedure in the procedures for personal status has passed through the House of Representatives

There is an News Paper article saying “Amendment of Personal Status Litigation Act has passed through the  House of Representatives  “.

On the page of the 196th Diet proposal page,

the 196th Diet bill type: Cabinet Law No. 11
Proposal name: draft legislation to revise Personal Status Litigation Act etc.
So, the content will be here.

Subsection 1 Jurisdiction of the Japanese Court
(Jurisdiction of appeal concerning personnel affairs)
Article 3-2 (Jurisdiction of appeal concerning personnel affairs)
Article 3 (Jurisdiction by consolidation of related claims)
Article 3 – 4 (Jurisdiction of the case, etc. Pertaining to the trial on disposition concerning child custody)
Terms such as are added.

the Domestic Procedure Procedure Act
Article 3-2( Jurisdiction of the trial case of the disposition concerning the management of property of absentee)
Article 3-2( Jurisdiction of the case of revocation of rescission of declaration of disappearance)

Regarding this point, I mentioned in the entry of the draft of the guidelines on the establishment of international jurisdictional laws on domestic affairs cases and domestic affairs (September 18, 2015).

Personal Status Litigation Act Article 29 (1) sets out

For purposes of the application of the provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure in the procedures for personal status ,Code of Civil Procedure Book One Chapter two Section1,Article 145 (3) and Article 146 (3) shall not be applied. 

So  the provisions of the jurisdiction of the civil procedure law did not apply, international jurisdiction is ambiguous. Therefore this revision to clarify the international jurisdiction.