Expert committee recommends to found Legal/ethical expert committee for contact tracing applications

11th Expert committee for combatting against covid-19 was held on 22 April.

The committee mentioned about the status quo and challenges of the ICT in the page 9 of the report(

The use of ICT for public health policy has not been realized, although there has been a debate about the appropriate use of location information after the pandemic influenza epidemic. In the new coronavirus infectious disease countermeasures,to minimize the sacrifice of socio-economic activities (restriction of freedom of movement and freedom of business) , while the spread of infection should be directed toward convergence and preparation for a re-epidemic, the use of various ICT technologies is an urgent issue. With reference to actual cases and discussions in other countries, 1) survey / individual notification, 2) secondary use of statistical information, 3) rationalization of aggregation / disclosure, 4) contact tracing (Bluetooth application, GPS location information, etc.), 5) health management / reporting application is possible. However, it is important to weigh public health benefits and privacy implications and discuss ethical, legal, and social issues.

it was mentioned in the page 10 of the report.

The committee recommend to found Legal/ethical expert committee for contact tracing applications  in the following

A mechanism should be set up to bring together experts on personal information and privacy and, in collaboration with the New Coronavirus Infection Control Tech Team, discuss ethical, legal and social perspectives and advise on the conditions of implementation and appropriate governance.