Spouse and linear ascendant

Y) Yes. When there is linear ascendant

Heirs are spouses and linear ascendant .

As for the article, Article 889 of the Civil Code set out ((Right of Inheritance of Lineal Ascendant and Sibling)

Article 889 

(1) In the the case where there is no person to become an heir pursuant to the provisions of Article 887, the following persons shall become heirs in accordance with the following order of rank:

(i) lineal ascendants of the decedent; provided that between persons of differing degree of kinship, the person who is of closer relationship shall have higher priority of inheritance;

(ii) siblings of the decedent.

(2) The provisions of paragraph (2) of Article 887 shall apply mutatis mutandis to the case referred to in item (ii) of the preceding paragraph.

The statutory inheritance is two thirds of the spouse and one third of the direct descendants.

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