e-filing in Japan

Japanese Government try  to introduc e-filing in judicial procedure systems.

Cabinet Secretariat held the Research committee of Judicial Procedures.

We can read the reference documents produced to the committee.

I was surprised to see the references produced by Supreme Court.

Only four page slides were produced.And the contents were so poor that we are in despair.

At page four

 Tele conference sysytem.

Television conference system(Closed networjk for security concern)

Page five

Provosional Payment system

More than Ninety cases

Present civil procedure.

Page Seven

Future of IT civil procedure.

 Important subject

 How utulize the IT to realize the accelerated /efficient civil procedure.

Challenges to overcome

How to consider people who cannot use IT.

           How to secure information security.

Detailed challenges

That’s all!! Probably Japanese Supreme Court may be kidding.

They do not know  Japanese Court is not so high evaluated. I think they believe   Japanese Court  system is the best legal system in the world.

“A frog in the well knows not the sea”. It is a ridiculous to make a investment to such a country which lack the sense of internationality.