Japan Cabinet secretariat reveals Japan adopt PEPP-PT style contact tracing Apps. (2)

Page3 Features of popular contact confirmation app

Types Geolocation Bluetooth
Identifying Person Anonymising(EU proposal)
Central server processing Central server processing Smartphone devhce processing
Features Health authority identify the proximity contacts by using the location data of apps user.

India(others) uses the bluetooth technology to calibrate the location data accuracy.

Health authority can identify the proximity contacts and call by registeed personal data such as telephone number. Each user’s contact data is managed by server which is managed by Authority. Each user’s contact data is managed byeach person’s terminal device..
country India,Istaeli and others Singapore,Australia England,France Germany,Switzerland,Estonia (Japan proposal)


Relationship with Google/Apple API Not use(originally develop,GA do not use location info) No idea

(Originally developed till now.Future is not decided.)



(Originally developed till now.Future is not decided.)

Based on G&A APIs.


Basic idea of system (plan)

Can cabinet proceed on the basic assumptions that the system are as follows:

• Apps will be built using APIs provided by Apple and Google.Because, by controlling Bluetooth on the OS, it can be used in the background while using other apps.
• The identifiers exchanged between apps change periodically and canot identify individuals or terminals.
• All contact records are managed on the terminal, and verification of positive persons is also executed on their own terminals.

• Communication between terminals to detect rich contact and management of identifiers that are not related to individuals are realized by the function provided by Google and Apple.

• The notification server manages only positive app identifiers and cannot identify individuals.

Page 5

Mechanism of contact confirmation application (under consideration / undecided draft)

<Normal time>
• An identifier (not tied to an individual) is recorded at the contact with others in the application of the terminal of the other party
• Record identifiers will be deleted sequentially after a certain period..

<At the time of positive confirmation>

  • Once user is diagnosed as positive,he/she is registered in the national grasping and managing system for Novel Coronavirus infected person (tentative name) .
  •  Positive user register that he /she is Covid-19 positive after receives the notification from the public health authority.
  •  (Contact )Uses may confirm that he/she has a contact history after contact alert are notified( in the way that cannot identify the who is positive user).
  •  Contact users register that they have contacts with positive user in national grasping and managing system for Novel Coronavirus infected person (tentative name).

Page6. Operators of contacts confirmation Apps in the world.

• Apple and Google, the owners of the app store, have policy which only allow the contact confirmation app which is released by public health authorities .
• In addition, app operators in each country are being implemented or studied under the responsibility of health authorities.

Page 7 roles and schedule for implementation of contact confirmation application (draft)

1 Roles

Tech team (Corona countermeasure room / IT office secretariat)

• Formulation of draft specifications
• Apple / Google specification evaluation
• Privacy Impact Assessment (Confirm the relationship with the APPI,Adminnistration Organisation’s APPI, etc.)
• Collaboration w/ MHLW to promote to adopt apps•

Cooperation companies*

• * (One company) Code for Japan, Rakuten, etc.
• • Cooperation in drafting specifications for apps
• • Cooperation such as publicity activities for the spread of apps


→ Organize and publish the above at a review meeting • Proposed specifications provided by tech team
Application development / implementation / operation using
• Cooperate with  tech team for app promotion.

Page 8 Expert committee and consultation Issues

Building Expert committee and consultation Issues

An expert review group will be set up under the tech team to study the basic  specifications of the application.
The study group will proceed with the study on the following points and request the tech team to report the study results.

  1.  Evaluation of Apple / Google API from both technical and privacy perspectives
  2. . Technical verification of draft specifications for contact confirmation application based on the use of Apple / Google API
  3. Assessment of  application specifications from the perspective of privacy protection and transparency, etc. based on the Personal Information Protection Law, Administrative Personal Information Protection Law,

Committee members ( omit)