Tokyo Family Court/Practice of distribution of the inheritated property

The Tokyo Family Court has adopted a gradual progress model for distribution of the inheritated property.

(For details, see Hitoshi Mimori Tokyo Family Court Committee Report “Efforts to Properly and Quickly Resolve the distribution of  inheritated property Case”)

The gradual progress model is divideed into following five stages.

(1) Confirm the heirs

(2) Defining the scope of the inheritated property 

(3) inheritated property evaluation

(4)The amount of each person’s share in inheritance

(5) How to distribute Inheritated Property

The Tokyo Family Court Conciliation Process  shall take this gradual progress model,so it is very important to take these steps into consideration.

The family court explains this model in a video in the waiting room during mediation.

Also,5th division of the Tokyo Family Court,special body of distribution of inheritated propert,publishes instructions based on this gradual progress model. I would like to expain these steps in the linked pages.