1 Range of heirs

1 confirm the Heirs

This is a procedure to “check who is the heir.”

I prepare the  “Who is the legal heir?” in the Japanese family law.

Just click on the question and you’ll be able to see the heirs and the inheritance due to statutory inheritance.

According to the Tokyo House Court’s instructions,

If there is a problem with the range of the heirs, such as when the family register is different from the facts, procedures such as personnel litigation are required.
Note. If any of the heirs have a problem with their ability to judge due to dementia, procedures such as adult guardianship are required. “

Also, there is the explanation “If you receive a petition”set out in the instructions   in the attached to the summons to the Family court.

1  Who is the heir
It is not possible to begin the process of distributing the estates without clarifying the heir, so make sure that the heir is as perceived in the enclosed inheritance diagram.

If a person who is not the heir is listed on the inheritance diagram, or if there is another heir in addition to the listed heir,  Please specify in the “Heir Range” section at thesection 1 part 3 in the enclosed “Answer”