3 Evaluation of Estate

3  Evaluation of Estate

The valuation of Estate is a procedure to confirm the valuation of real estate etc. among the subject to Estate distribution.

To divide the heritage fairly, we need to know how valuable it is as a whole.

If you claim that your property has something other than what is listed in the petition’s inventory, you will be required to provide supporting documentation of the value of your property.

In theory, this is done in terms of what the market value is. Actually, it will be revealed from a simple evaluation report of a real estate agent and other documents (neighboring transaction examples etc.).

As a lawyer, to a large extent, sense of market value has been improved.

If no agreement is reached about the market value of the estate, you can ask for an appraisal. When you ask for an appraisal, the point is that it takes a little time (several months), and it costs more (half-way between the parties).

Appraisal costs must be paid in advance to the heir.